Type Set of cruises
Chief scientist(s) FEUILLET Nathalie , JORRY Stéphan , RINNERT Emmanuel , THINON Isabelle ORCID, FOUQUET Yves
Project manager FEUILLET Nathalie
DOI 10.18142/291
Objective The MAYOBS surveys are carried out to follow the evolution of the seismic and volcanic phenomenon which affects the island of Mayotte since May 2018. They are carried out within the framework of a program of actions financed by the Ministry of the research, the MEST (prevention and risks of the Ministère de la Transition Ecologique et Solidaire), with the support of the interministerial delegate for major risks overseas and in liaison with the other french ministries and institutes (IPGP, IPGS, BRGM, IFREMER). The geological and geolphysical data acquisition are located at east of Mayotte. SHOM surveys in the area of the volcano are also part of the MAYOBS project.



Lemoine Anne, Briole Pierre, Bertil Didier, Roullé Agathe, Foumelis Michael, Thinon Isabelle, Raucoules Daniel, De Michele Marcello, Valty Pierre, Hoste Colomer Roser (2020). The 2018–2019 seismo-volcanic crisis east of Mayotte, Comoros islands: seismicity and ground deformation markers of an exceptional submarine eruption. Geophysical Journal International, 223(1), 22-44. Publisher's official version : , Open Access version :

Cesca Simone, Letort Jean, Razafindrakoto Hoby N. T., Heimann Sebastian, Rivalta Eleonora, Isken Marius P., Nikkhoo Mehdi, Passarelli Luigi, Petersen Gesa M., Cotton Fabrice, Dahm Torsten (2020). Drainage of a deep magma reservoir near Mayotte inferred from seismicity and deformation. Nature Geoscience, 13(1), 87-93.

References of Technical Reports

Pitel-Roudaut Mathilde (2019). Actions SIG de la campagne MAYOBS4. DIT.REM/GM/CTDI 20180310.