Type Set of cruises
Dates 01/01/1990 - 20/03/1995
Chief scientist(s) JEANDEL Catherine
Project manager JEANDEL Catherine
DOI 10.18142/232
Objective Recovery of 3 mooring lines equipped with particle traps and currentmeters. NO3 and chla measurements taken on a section between 44 degrees 55 minutes 90 latitude South and 62 degrees 00 minute 596 latitude South. Two hydrological stations (at sites M3 and M1). Sites M1, M2 and M3 were at the following positions: M1: 50 degrees 40 minutes latitude South and 68 degrees 25 minutes longitude East; M2: 52 degrees latitude South and 61 degrees 32 minutes longitude East; M3: 63 degrees latitude South and 71 degrees longitude East.



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