Type Oceanographic cruise
Ship L'Europe
Ship owner Ifremer
Dates 16/05/2009 - 19/05/2009
Chief scientist(s) KER Stéphan, PACAULT Anne


IFREMER Centre de Bretagne

ZI Pointe du diable

CS 10070



DOI 10.17600/9060190
Objective The main equipment deployed during the TECHAUV cruise was the AUV IDEFx with a sediment sounder (SDS) as its payload. The cruise objectives were the following: Recording the acoustic signal emitted by the SDS transducers with a hydrophone placed under the emitting transducer. Validation of the SDS's new acquisition software (SUBOP V2 installed and tested on land week 18) and modifications made to MIMOSA and the VCC to take account of the upgrade to SUBOP V2. Endurance testing of the SDS to validate modifications made to the electronics in February 2009. This project falls under IFREMER's "Coastal AUVs" PJ3208 project.