Type Oceanographic cruise
Set This cruise is part of the set CGFS : CHANNEL GROUND FISH SURVEY
Ship Gwen Drez
Ship owner Ifremer
Dates 02/10/2009 - 30/10/2009
Chief scientist(s) LE ROY Didier


Centre Ifremer Bretagne

ZI Pointe du Diable

CS 10070

29280 Plouzané

+33 (0)2 98 22 43 66

DOI 10.17600/9050090
Objective The CGFS cruise objectives were to collect basic data to support estimations of recruitment and health status of the main stocks fished in the Eastern English Channel. In the framework of the ecosystem-based approach, the CGFS cruise contributed to improving knowledge about the spatial distribution and assemblages as well as to characterizing the habitats preferred by the main species in the Eastern Channel. This falls under the 'Fisheries ecosystem-base approach' project.

Published data

Timmerman Charles-Andre, Giraldo Carolina, Cresson Pierre, Ernande Bruno, Travers-Trolet Morgane, Rouquette Manuel, Denamiel Margaux, Lefebvre Sébastien (2020). Plasticity of trophic interactions in fish assemblages results in temporal variability of benthic-pelagic couplings.

Foveau Aurélie, Llapasset Margaux, Desroy Nicolas, Vaz Sandrine (2016). Life history traits' scoring to calculate a trawl disturbance indicator on mega- epibenthic fauna.

Data managed by SISMER



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References of Articles published in other Periodicals or Scientific Works acclaimed in the Field

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Thesis using campaign data

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