Type Oceanographic cruise
Set This cruise is part of the set LANGOLF
Ship Gwen Drez
Ship owner Ifremer
Dates 12/05/2009 - 30/05/2009
Chief scientist(s) SALAUN Michèle, DIMEET Joël


8 rue François Toullec

56100 Lorient

+33(0)2 97 87 38 00

DOI 10.17600/9050040
Objective Calculating Nephrops stock abundance index in the Grande Vasière (Bay of Biscay), size and sex structure; spatial distribution of population per sedimentary unit. Macroscopic observation of stages of sexual maturity in females. Abundance index estimations for related species. Calcified parts were removed to determine the age of species of commercial interest whose stock dynamics are being monitored. Sexual maturity stages in sole, angler fish and hake. Temperature, salinity and depth logs taken (Cruises FIS).

Data managed by SISMER



Benzinou Abdesslam, Carbini Sebastien, Nasreddine Kamal, Elleboode Romain, Mahe KeligORCID (2013). Discriminating stocks of striped red mullet (Mullus surmuletus) in the Northeast European seas using three automatic shape classification methods. Fisheries Research, 143, 153-160.

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