NURSE 2002

Type Oceanographic cruise
Set This cruise is part of the set NURSE
Ship Gwen Drez
Ship owner Ifremer
Dates 30/08/2002 - 20/09/2002
Chief scientist(s) DESAUNAY Yves


IFREMER - Centre de Nantes

Rue de l'Ile d'Yeu

BP 21105


+33(0)2 40.37.41. 67

DOI 10.17600/2050080
Objective Determining quality indicators for coastal sole nurseries. Monitoring ecological effects of the Erika oil spill. This falls under the PNEC project, Bay of Biscay worksite, Defi IFREMER (Bay of Biscay challenge) and ERIKA monitoring.

Data managed by SISMER



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