Type Oceanographic cruise
Set This cruise is part of the set MOOSE (DYFAMED)
Ship Téthys II
Ship owner CNRS until 2019 - IFREMER since 2020
Dates 21/01/2017 - 04/12/2017
Chief scientist(s) DIAMOND-RIQUIER Emilie , COPPOLA Laurent ORCID


181 chemin du Lazaret

06230 Villefranche-sur-Mer

DOI 10.17600/17008500
Objective MOOSE's objective is to maintain a multi-sites, integrated observation network in order to observe the effects of climate change and those induced by anthropogenic activities in the North-West Mediterranean over the long term. This SOERE- and SNO-labelled, permanent observation project, takes part in operations of the INSU's MISTRAL programme (Ocean-Atmosphere project) by ensuring LOP (Long Observing Periods) for the HYMEX, MERMEX and CHARMEX programmes, and in developing operational oceanography (MERCATOR, CORIOLIS). MOOSE's marine activities are based on a network of fixed stations (buoys, deep lines) and mobile platforms (gliders, floats) on pertinent sites set up in the North-Western Mediterranean in order to: detect and identify anomalies in the Mediterranean ecosystem over the long term, ensure lasting time series, which are the only tool for observing long-term changes, intensify the flow of real-time data to better constr ain operational oceanography models. The DYFAMED site is part of this network of fixed stations which are visited every two months in order to observe: 1) changes in the hydrological and biogeochemical properties of intermediate and deep water masses; 2) sequestration of anthropogenic carbon and acidification; and 3) the seasonal variability of the chlorophyll biomass and zooplankton communities.

Published data

Coppola Laurent, Diamond Riquier Emilie, Carval Thierry, Irisson Jean-Olivier, Desnos Corinne (2023). Dyfamed observatory data.

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