Type Oceanographic cruise
Ship Antea
Ship owner IRD
Dates 21/01/2017 - 10/02/2017
Chief scientist(s) CORBARI Laure , SAMADI Sarah , OLU Karine ORCID


45 rue Buffon

75005 Paris

+33 (0)1 40 79 80 62

DOI 10.17600/17004000

The BioMaGlo proposal is based on a common reflexion between the research teams (MNHN, UMR7205 and IFREMER, LEP) and the TAAF (The French Southern and Antarctic Lands) about the exploration and conservation of the Mayotte- Glorieuses area. In the context of the Xe European Funds for the Development (FED), TAAF are involved in the management of the natural heritage of Mayotte and Eparses Islands. One of the FED objective is dedicated to the exploration of slopes and seamounts in this area. The present proposal is the result of this collaboration and the main objective is the production of knowledge on deep-sea benthic fauna in this area in order to feed in research projects and also provide baseline data helping the next management plan of these Marine Natural Parks. The BioMaGlo proposal fits into the exploration program "Tropical Deep Sea Benthos" (TDSB), led by the MNHN and IRD since 1980's. This program gathers since about 30 years an international network of taxonomists and provide data for international projects of molecular systematics and studies on the structure and the origin of the biodiversity in the deepsea realm.

The main objectives of the BioMaGlo cruise are to:

1) Describe the diversity of deep-sea benthic fauna in the Mayotte and Glorieuses area and characterize its originality or affinities with the other areas of the Mozambique Channel

2) Analyse the species assemblages in relation to the diversity of the deep-sea habitats

3) For selected model-species analyse the pattern of connectivity with African and North/South coasts of Madagascar to determine the level of isolation of the area.

The BioMaGlo sampling plan will target the areas of Mayotte-Glorieuses (including Geyser/ Zelee bank) and Comoros Islands (Moheli). These areas will be investigated by dredging and trawling (Waren drege and beam trawl) coupled with in-situ observations by the towed Camera Scampi (Système de CAméras Ponctuel Interactif). The coupling of these two methodologies complements each other, by providing species lists and taxonomic identification keys and providing additional information on the species distribution and habitat characterization. We will thus provide new baseline biological data on the specific area Mayotte-Glorieuses.

The BioMaGlo proposal is a 21 days-cruise that will be composed of 2 legs. The first leg will be dedicated to in-situ observations with the SCAMPI on the slopes of Mayotte (J1-7). During the second leg, (J8-21) dredging and trawling operations around Mayotte, Zelee bank (EEZ Mayotte); Geyser bank and Glorieuses (EEZ Glorieuses administrated by TAAF) and Moheli Island (EEZ Comoros). The BioMaGlo sampling plan will provide new data to link species distribution to habitats. With the data of the BioMaGlo cruise, we will complete a coherent dataset on species diversity and fauna assemblages at ecoregional scale (Comoros, Mayotte, Glorieuses and North Madagascar) but also at larger regional scale by including data from previous cruises.

Data managed by SISMER




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