Type Oceanographic cruise
Ship L'Atalante
Ship owner Ifremer
Dates 18/02/2015 - 03/04/2015
Chief scientist(s) MOUTIN Thierry , BONNET Sophie


M.I.O. Institut Méditerranéen d'Océanologie


163, Avenue de Luminy


+33(0)4 91 82 92 12


DOI 10.17600/15000900

OUTPACE is based on 3 main objectives and enables researchers specialized in fields ranging from marine optics to modelling to work in collaboration. The project's aim is to obtain a better representation of the interactions between planktonic organisms and cycles of biogenic elements at scales ranging from study of the process to study of the South West Pacific Ocean. The principal research objectives were to: 1) Provide description by zone of the biogeochemistry and biological diversity in the South West Pacific during the maximum stratification period (austral summer). 2) Study the production and fate of organic matter, and especially the fraction of production supported by diazotrophic organisms, in 3 contrasting oligotrophic environments. 3) Obtain adequate representation of the main biogeochemical fluxes and the dynamics of the plankton food web, both in situ and for experiments in microcosms. The related projects are ANR OUTPACE, LEFE CyBER, IRD (Action sud), CNES, GOPS.

Published data

Leblanc Karine, Cornet Véronique (2018). Biogenic and lithogenic particulate silica, diatom abundance and C biomass data during the OUTPACE (2015) cruise. https://doi.org/10.17882/55743

Data managed by SISMER



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Des vidéos sont disponibles sur notre site web:

Thesis using campaign data

-Kyle Frisckorn (Encadrant(s): S. Dyhrmann, B. Van Mooy), Columbia Univ. USA

-Nicholas Bock (Encadrant(s): S. Duhamel), Columbia Univ. USA

-Andrea Caputo, (Encadrant(s): R. Foster), U. Stockholm, Suède

-Marcus Stenegren (Encadrant(s): R. Foster), U. Stockholm, Suède

-Dina Spungin (Encadrant(s): I. Berman-Frank), BIU, Israel

-Alain Fuménia (Encadrant(s): T. Moutin, A. Petrenko) , M.I.O, AMU, France

-Audrey Gimenez (Encadrant(s): M. Baklouti, T. Moutin), M.I.O, AMU, France

-Louise Rousselet (Encadrant(s): A. Doglioli, A. Petrenko), M.I.O, AMU, France

-Mathieu Caffin (Encadrant(s): S. Bonnet, T. Moutin), M.I.O, AMU, France.

Le projet OUTPACE a été le support de 9 thèses de doctorat soutenues ou en cours par les étudiants suivants: