Type Oceanographic cruise
Ship Haliotis
Ship owner Ifremer
Dates 07/08/2014 - 16/08/2014
Chief scientist(s) CLIQUET Dominique , SIMPLET Laure ORCID


Direction Régionale des affaires culturelles Basse-Normandie

13 Bis rue Saint-Ouen

14052 CAEN Cedex 4

DOI 10.17600/14011600

The archaeological deposit of Biéroc at La Mondrée is currently the only known submerged Middle Paleolithic habitat in Europe (approximately -20 m) which is remarkably well preserved, giving this site international reputation and heritage value.

Till now, investigations carried out had been found insufficient to properly characterize the deposit; in particular with regard to:

  1. its integration within the territory of Neanderthal hunter-gatherers. Better characterization of the configuration of La Mondrée cove during its occupation(s) in the Middle Paleolithic (valley morphology and shape, type and thickness of sediments infilling the valley, location of settlement with respect to stream) is thus needed. We manage to reconstruct paleo-landscapes using the sub-bottom profiler data by mapping seismic reflectors (top of substratum and sedimentary units related to last interglacial) ;
  2. the caracterisation of the levels of habitat (the foot of the cliff and the scree), analysing the morphology, the nature and thickness of the associated sediments (interferometric sonar, backscatter and bathymetry) ;
  3. the structural and contextual components of the site by mapping the granite rock bar of Biéroc and the cove of La Mondrée.

The very high resolution data collected will also help to prepare a coring campaign that would aim at identifying the succession of occupation levels of the archaelogical deposit.


Main results

Data acquired and analyses carried out at sea and on shore

Published data

Simplet Laure, Gaillot Arnaud, Cliquet Dominique (2016). Réflectivité des fonds de l'anse de la Mondrée (Biéroc la Mondrée, 2014).

Simplet Laure, Pierre Delphine, Cliquet Dominique (2016). Bathymétrie de l'anse de la Mondrée (Biéroc la Mondrée, 2014).

Laure Simplet, Emeric Gautier (2016). Carte des formations sédimentaires superficielles de l'anse de la Mondée (Biéroc la Mondrée, 2014).

Data managed by SISMER

Sampling operations


References of Technical Reports

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(2014) BIEROC - LA MONDREE - Haliotis - 6 au 19 août 2014 - Chef de mission : D. Cliquet - Patricipantes : D. Pierre & L. Simplet.

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