Type Oceanographic cruise
Ship Alis
Ship owner IRD
Dates 05/04/2014 - 09/05/2014
Chief scientist(s) CORBARI Laure , OLU Karine ORCID, SAMADI Sarah


45 rue Buffon

75005 Paris

+33 (0)1 40 79 80 62

DOI 10.17600/14004000
Objective The Madeep cruise is part of the Tropical Deep Sea Benthos programme. Supplementing knowledge about deep benthic biodiversity in the Papua - New Guinea area, in particular by exploring the South East zone of the Salomon Sea to the Louisiade and Woodlark archipelagos. Continuing studies on the organisms associated with chemosynthetic environments (sunken wood, cold seeps). The studies focus on the biodiversity and biology of the organisms associated with the environments as well as on their evolutionary origin and on population biology. Observing these environments (sunken wood, cold seeps) using the Scampi on two sites of interest (Astrolabe Bay and Broken Bay off the Sepik River) discovered during previous cruises (Biopapua, Madang). Pursuing studies on the role of dispersal and habitat fragmentation in geographical and ecological endemism in the deep sea environment (seamounts).

Data managed by SISMER




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