Type Oceanographic cruise
Ship Téthys II
Ship owner CNRS until 2019 - IFREMER since 2020
Dates 18/07/2013 - 30/07/2013
Chief scientist(s) IRISSON Jean-Olivier


181 chemin du Lazaret

06230 Villefranche-sur-Mer

DOI 10.17600/13450120
Objective Studying the distribution of planktonic organisms across the Ligurian current front. Special interest given to fish larvae and gelatinous plankton, including jellyfish. The related project is the Partner University Fund between OOV-LOV and RSMAS.

Published data

Panaïotis Thelma, Biard Tristan, Caray--Counil Louis, Faillettaz Robin, Luo Jessica Y, Guigand Cédric M, Cowen Robert K, Irisson Jean-Olivier (2023). Data for High throughput in situ imaging reveals complex ecological behavior of giant marine mixotrophic protists.



Panaïotis Thelma, Caray–counil Louis, Woodward Ben, Schmid Moritz S., Daprano Dominic, Tsai Sheng Tse, Sullivan Christopher M., Cowen Robert K., Irisson Jean-Olivier (2022). Content-Aware Segmentation of Objects Spanning a Large Size Range: Application to Plankton Images. Frontiers In Marine Science, 9, 870005 (16p.). Publisher's official version : , Open Access version :

Faillettaz RobinORCID, Picheral Marc, Luo Jessica Y., Guigand Cédric, Cowen Robert K., Irisson Jean-Olivier (2016). Imperfect automatic image classification successfully describes plankton distribution patterns. Methods in Oceanography, 15-16, 60-77.

Thesis using campaign data

Faillettaz RobinORCID (2015). Estimation des capacités comportementales des larves de poissons et leurs implications pour la phase larvaire : un cas d’étude des espèces démersales de Méditerranée Nord-Occidentale / Exploring the behavioral abilities of fish larvae and their relevance for the larval phase : a case study of temperate, demersal fish species in the Northwestern Mediterranean Sea. PhD Thesis, Université Paris 06.