Type Oceanographic cruise
Ship Téthys II
Ship owner CNRS
Dates 05/09/2012 - 20/09/2012
Chief scientist(s) MORTIER Laurent


UMR 7159 CNRS / IRD / Université Pierre et Marie Curie/MNHN

Institut Pierre Simon Laplace - Boîte 100

4 Place Jussieu

75252 PARIS CEDEX 05

+33 (1) 44 27 32 48

DOI 10.17600/12450170
Objective The DoWEX2012 cruise provides the most adequate complement to the SOERE MOOSE observation system components to better characterize the seasonal evolution of physical and biogeochemical characteristics in the North West Mediterranean on the most relevant spatial scales. For the seasonal scale, it is vital to have a sufficiently clear image of the state of the North Western Basin overall and the aim of the DoWEX2012 hydrographic cruise is to supply it for a limited number of parameters, i.e. those which can be measured with a rosette, automatically over the entire water column then calibrated using water samples. This strategy has been used by MOOSE's once-yearly cruises since 2010 in late spring/ early summer, which DoWEX2012 would duplicate for the autumn period. The envisaged hydrological array would comprise about 70 stations covering the entire North gyre which could best characterize the main features of the circulation, such as boundary currents and the gyre centre. The DoWEX experiment and DoWEX2012 cruise are part of the MERMEX programme and are principally related to the theme called Impacts of hydrodynamic conditions on biogeochemical budgets. DoWEX2012 cruise funding was provided by MERMEX.



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