Type Oceanographic cruise
Ship Alis
Ship owner IRD
Dates 01/09/2012 - 15/09/2012
Chief scientist(s) MAES Christophe ORCID


Centre Ifremer Bretagne

ZI Pointe du Diable

CS 10070

29280 Plouzané

+33 (0)2 98 22 42 76

DOI 10.17600/12100100

Determining the mass transport of the 0-2,000 m water column associated with the North Caledonian Jet at its bifurcation on the Queensland plateau, vertical description of hydrological characteristics (Temperature, Salinity and dissolved oxygen concentration) in the 0-2,000 m water column of waters transported by the North Caledonian Jet at the Queensland plateau, determination of mass transport and description of hydrological characteristics of water bodies transiting from either side of the Queensland plateau, studying ocean circulation to the north of the Chesterfield islands reefs with the identification of water bodies to determine to what extent these water come from those transported by the NCJ, continuous description (depending on float movements) of hydrological characteristics (Temperature, Salinity and dissolved oxygen concentration) of the water column from 0-2,000 m in the region between New Caledonia and the Queensland plateau and marine biogeochemical measurements of nitrogen-fixing organisms. The related project is SOLWARA-SPICE.

Data managed by SISMER



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References of Technical Reports

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Thesis using campaign data

Rousselet Louise (2018). Étude des circulations à (sous)mésoéchelle et de leur influence sur la distribution spatiale des éléments biogéochimiques et biologiques à l’aide de mesures in situ et satellites couplées physique-biogéochimie / Study of (sub)mesoscale circulations and their influences on the spatial distribution of biogeochemical/biological elements with coupled physical and biogeochemical in situ and satellite observations. PhD Thesis, Université Aix Marseille.

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