Type Oceanographic cruise
Ship Thalia
Ship owner Ifremer
Dates 15/03/2012 - 20/03/2012
Chief scientist(s) CARLIER Antoine


IFREMER Centre de Bretagne

ZI Pointe du diable

CS 10070


+33 (0)2 98 22 49 19

DOI 10.17600/12070040
Objective The cruise's objective is to characterize benthic habitats in the planned perimeter of the "tidal current turbine" test site to the north-east of Bréhat Island in order to obtain a baseline state for environmental monitoring to come. The envisaged approach is to use video imaging to determine some biological parameters of populations (rate of coverage by sessile epifauna; distribution area of the main species of sessile and vagile megafauna. The cruise also aims to study the presence of spider crabs (Maja brachydactyla) in the area defined for the test site and its cable running to shore (in zones where the cable cannot be buried), in order to determine whether this species could be later used as a model to study the impact of electromagnetism generated by the underwater cable during the test site's operation phase. The related project is the France Energies Marines platform.

Published data

Carlier Antoine, Caisey Xavier, Derrien-Courtel Sandrine, Catherine Elodie, Soubigou Olivier, Gaffet Jean-Dominique, Lejart Morgane (2013). Benthic biodiversity of the tidal test site of Paimpol-Bréhat assessed by video imagery.

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