Type Oceanographic cruise
Ship Antea
Ship owner IRD
Dates 11/05/2010 - 19/06/2010
Chief scientist(s) BOUCHET Philippe , PEREZ Thierry , LE GALL Line


57, Rue Cuvier

75005 PARIS

+33 (0)1

DOI 10.17600/10110040

The "Grand Sud" area in Madagascar is a remarkable temperate marine enclave within a tropical province. From the early 1990s, shell collector discover several dozen new species in the region, mainly collected at the tide marks on the coast or as by-products from the villager's spiny lobster fisheries in shallow water from 5 to 30 metres deep. These discoveries prove the originality of the region and that it has hardly been explored. Its special hydroclimatic context could indicate the existence of a significantly endemic zone. These discoveries are located on the coasts of the Anosy and Androy regions of Madagascar, which the Madagascans called "Grand Sud", or Atimo Vatae, which gave the cruise its name. The cruise on RV Antéa cruise was an integral part of an expedition which had three other parts: (i) a leg on shore based at Fort Dauphin, followed by (ii) a leg on shore at Lavanono, with an imitation maritime laboratory and means for collecting/harvesting on dives operating within a radius of one to two hours from the base; (iii) a leg on board the shrimper Nosy Be 11 with the objective of trawling to explore the continental shelf below depths accessible on dives. Thus RV Antéa was used for sampling on dives in the sectors furthest from the onshore bases of Fort Dauphin and Lavanono. The expected results were an inventory of remarkable biodiversity between depths of 0 and 30 metres, discovering new species, characterization by bar coding of most of the samples taken and describing the main benthic communities and large biogeographic units. A special local partnership with a large NGO should enable tools to transfer knowledge to be created to ensure better conservation of the biodiversity of this ecoregion.



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References of the Described New Species (faunal, floral, microorganisms), locations where the holotypes were stored

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Caesio xanthalytos Holleman, Connel & Carpenter, 2013

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Polyclinum pedicellatum Monniot, 2012

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