IBTS 2009

Type Oceanographic cruise
Set This cruise is part of the set IBTS INTERNATIONAL BOTTOM TRAWL SURVEY (IBTS),
Ship Thalassa
Ship owner Ifremer
Dates 13/01/2009 (Brest) - 13/02/2009 (Boulogne)
Chief scientist(s) VERIN Yves


IFREMER Centre de Boulogne sur Mer

150 quai Gambetta

BP 699


+33 (0)3


DOI 10.17600/9040010
Objective Main objective: Building up time-series of abundance indexes for the main commercial species in the North Sea and Eastern English Channel. (Main commercial species stock assessment). Larval index calculated for herring and sprat. Additional objectives: Logging of acoustic data for later analysis. Egg sampling using the CUFES (Continuous Underway Fish Egg Sampler) in the North Sea. Study of hydrological, phytoplankton and zooplankton compartments.

Published data

Foveau Aurelie, Llapasset Margaux, Desroy Nicolas, Vaz Sandrine (2016). Life history traits' scoring to calculate a trawl disturbance indicator on mega- epibenthic fauna. SEANOE. http://doi.org/10.17882/44632

Data managed by SISMER



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