Type Oceanographic cruise
Ship Côtes De La Manche
Ship owner CNRS
Dates 20/04/2002 (Saint-Malo) - 04/05/2002 (Saint-Malo)
Chief scientist(s) OLIVIER Fredéric


Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle

17, avenue Georges V

BP 28

35801 DINARD


DOI 10.17600/2480020
Objective This cruise's special objective was to quantify the biomass of wild filtrerer/suspension-feeder populations in coarse sediments, where bivalve mollusks and gastropods (crepidula) predominate, in the bay of Mont Saint-Michel and the Norman-Breton gulf. The issue was raised by the request of the PNEC programmes Mont Saint-Michel bay worksite, dealing with two levels of major questions: 1) Can the bay's trophic capacity become a limiting factor for development of shellfish farming? What repercussions could an increase in farmed bivalve stocks have on the general functioning of this ecosystem? 2) Seeing the exceptional ecological and economic interest of this bay, how can the seabeds be recovered or remediated, if they were to be altered by an event like a disaster? What mechanisms would come into play in the biological recolonization of habitats from 'reservoirs' outside of the bay? Might the gulf's own hydrodynamic characteristics hinder the restoration process?

Data managed by SISMER


Le Mao Patrick (2007). Le chantier PNEC de la Baie du Mont-Saint-Michel : 5 ans d’études et de recherche pour une meilleure gestion environnementale d’un site emblématique. DOPLER/LERFBN.

Leloup Frederique (2006). Modélisation à l’état stable de l’écosystème de la baie du Mont Saint Michel avec le logiciel ECOPATH.