Type Oceanographic cruise
Ship Téthys II
Ship owner CNRS
Dates 22/09/2013 - 06/10/2013
Chief scientist(s) MORTIER Laurent , TAILLANDIER Vincent


UMR 7159 CNRS / IRD / Université Pierre et Marie Curie/MNHN

Institut Pierre Simon Laplace - Boîte 100

4 Place Jussieu

75252 PARIS CEDEX 05

+33 (1) 44 27 32 48

DOI 10.17600/13450150
Objective The central idea of the DeWEx project is to perform continuous mesoscale sampling over the entire year of how the mixing layer evolves and its biogeochemical content in the entire north-western zone of the Mediterranean over a complete seasonal cycle, in order to directly link the key bloom episodes to the mechanisms of forcing which occurs in the area. As well as the two MOOSE-GE cruises, the DeWEX project included 4 other cruises: MOOSE-GE2012 in summer 2012, DoWEX2012 early autumn 2012, DeWEX2013-Leg1 in February 2013, DeWEX2013-Leg2 in April 2013, MOOSE-GE2013 in summer 2013 and DoWEX2013 early autumn 2013, thus resolving a complete annual cycle. The DoWEX experiment and DoWEX2013 cruise are part of the MERMEX programme and are principally related to the theme called Impacts of hydrodynamic conditions on biogeochemical budgets. DoWEX2013 cruise funding was provided by MERMEX.



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