Type Oceanographic cruise
Ship L'Atalante
Ship owner Ifremer
Dates 01/03/2011 - 23/03/2011
Chief scientist(s) DURRIEU de MADRON Xavier



CNRS - UMR 5110 - Universite de Perpignan

52 avenue Paul Alduy


+33 (0)4

DOI 10.17600/11010020

The deep basin and continental shelf of the Gulf of Lion (North Western Mediterranean) are known for the formation of dense water in wintertime by the action of N-NW continental winds. This dense water is formed both offshore and at the coast. The area of Cap de Creus and its adjacent canyon is the main zone where dense coastal water is exported. Dense water dynamics on the continental shelf are also influenced by E-SE storms. Transfers of organic, inorganic, particulate and dissolved matter from the surface to the deep basin and from the shelf towards the slope by these physical processes can influence the redistribution of chemical elements in sediments, as well as the structure and functioning of benthic and pelagic ecosystems. The CASCADE cruise aimed to determine the characteristics of these two physical mechanisms and their numerous impacts, as well as monitoring changes in the hydrology, dynamics, sedimentology and biogeochemistry of water bodies. We propose a qualitative and quantitative estimate of particulate and dissolved, organic and inorganic matter fluxes exported towards the slope and the deep basin by these mechanisms.

Data managed by SISMER



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